Conservation & Education

Conservation & ResearchThe Coalition for Orchid Species is a non-profit society whose members are dedicated to the enjoyment, cultivation, and conservation of species orchids.  We have an active conservation and education component, and we maintain an extensive circulating library to facilitate the identification and study of orchid species.




 Each spring the Coalition for Orchid Species will award one $500 Scholarship to college students for undergraduate or graduate study in botanical sciences with an emphasis on Orchids at any four year accredited College or University.

Applications may be obtained from the Secretary of the Coalition for Orchid Species beginning in January of the award year. Applications also may be accessed on our website.

A number of finalists will be selected from the applications and will be invited in for a personal interview. Finalists will be notified in writing whether they will receive a scholarship.


 1. College or graduate students from South Florida

 2. Students who are citizens of the United States or Students with Permanent Residency.

 3. The Scholarships are awarded based on financial need and scholastic ability.


 Instructions must be followed accurately to make certain that your application is considered.

 1. Write for the one page SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION and the two page FINANCIAL QUALIFICATION STATEMENT, or you may print them using ADOBE Acrobat Reader, by clicking here:

2. Complete each line or question on all forms. Anything left blank will result in the application not being considered. “N/A” is not and acceptable answer. “None” or “Zero” may be used where appropriate.

3. Where “$” signs appear a number is required, either actual or if in the future, an estimate:

“Unknown” is not an acceptable answer.

4. To apply for a scholarship, you must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and you must provide a brief statement telling COS about yourself, your studies and future plans.

5. Submit all items shown at the bottom of the Scholarship Application together in one mailing envelope in the order listed. If an item is received by itself, it will be discarded. Incomplete packages are not considered.

6. Please do not staple anything (except your photo in the upper right hand corner of your application). Clip or paper clip materials together. Remove high school transcripts from separate envelopes and clip as the last item in your package or materials.

7. Note that if you or your parents filed your income tax return electronically, the detailed paper copies mailed to us must be signed.

8. Only mailed or personally delivered applications, with all of the required attachments, are accepted.

9. Note that the deadline for the RECEIPT of your application at the Society’s office is 5:00 PM, April 1. Regardless of when an application is postmarked, it will not be considered if it arrives after the deadline.


The Conservation Committee of the Coalition has a program in conjunction with Miami-Dade County to conserve and replace native Florida orchids that have become scarce or non-existent in their natural habitats. Our activities include rescuing native orchids from areas soon to be developed, as well as replacing orchids that have been stolen from park areas. We strive to educate the public not only to recognize and care for our own native orchid species, but to understand individual habitats and how these orchids survive within South Florida’s various ecosystems.

To learn more about our Florida native orchid species, wander through Prem Subrahmanyam's excellent website,

The Coalition maintains a small group of native orchids in private shadehouses to use as stud plants. Our stock will not only provide mature plants for re-attachment to oak, pine and other native trees, but will provide seed stock for ongoing maintenance of the COS conservation program.  We also partner with other related organizations in order  to expand public awareness and knowledge of our valuable native orchid resources.