Conservation & Education

Conservation & ResearchThe Coalition for Orchid Species is a non-profit society whose members are dedicated to the enjoyment, cultivation, and conservation of species orchids.  We have an active conservation and education component, and we maintain an extensive circulating library to facilitate the identification and study of orchid species.


The Conservation Committee of the Coalition has a program in conjunction with Miami-Dade County to conserve and replace native Florida orchids that have become scarce or non-existent in their natural habitats. Our activities include rescuing native orchids from areas soon to be developed, as well as replacing orchids that have been stolen from park areas. We strive to educate the public not only to recognize and care for our own native orchid species, but to understand individual habitats and how these orchids survive within South Florida’s various ecosystems.

To learn more about our Florida native orchid species, wander through Prem Subrahmanyam's excellent website,

The Coalition maintains a small group of native orchids in private shadehouses to use as stud plants. Our stock will not only provide mature plants for re-attachment to oak, pine and other native trees, but will provide seed stock for ongoing maintenance of the COS conservation program.  We also partner with other related organizations in order  to expand public awareness and knowledge of our valuable native orchid resources.